Returns a list of available Data Marketplace segments and associated metadata.

You can specify the following:

  • The number of segments to return per call. A maximum of 100 segments can be returned per call.
  • The pagination settings for subsequent calls that are pulled from the _pagination.after parameter value of the previous call.
  • The name of the advertiser to make sure to only display segments that have not been restricted from that advertiser.
  • The data provider name if you want to display only segments from a particular data provider.


About Advertiser and Data Provider Names

The advertiser name and the data provider name must match the name in our system. Contact your LiveRamp CSM for a list of data provider names to make sure the name you include matches the name in our system.

The call returns the following information for each segment:

  • Segment ID
  • Segment name
  • Description
  • Data provider name
  • Segment type
  • Number of records
  • Reach:
    • Android reach
    • iOS reach
    • Cookie reach
  • Pricing:
    • Digital ad targeting
    • TV targeting
    • CPM
    • Content marketing
    • % of media revenue share
  • Date the metadata was last updated