These docs are for v2.0. Click to read the latest docs for v2.9.0.

Learn how use the Activation API.

The Activation API Reference documentation includes the information that you need to use the Activation API including information about how to request an access token and how to use the segment, destination, and distribution endpoints.

The Activation API process

The process allows your customers to view deliveries, explore destinations, and configure distributions.

  • Request an access token.
  • Your customer selects a segment (list) to distribute using LiveRamp.
  • Your customer selects a destination from a list of available destinations
  • Your customer enters the required destination account properties such as device type or precision options
  • Your app uploads the segment file.


Always use the token_uri from your Service Account

Below is an example request for a service account, but the endpoint you should use may be different. You should always use the token_uri field on the service account you were given to determine which endpoint to use when requesting an access token