RampID API Developer Hub

The RampID API allows you to match your data to LiveRamp's identity graph (RampIDs), match your data to partners' RampIDs, and decrypt identity envelopes.

Getting Started

If you're looking for the Retrieval API documentation, you've come to the right place! We've just rearranged the site to better indicate that this API actually performs three separate functions for RampIDs.

The RampID API has the following components: Retrieval, Envelope Decryption, and Transcoding. You can use the Guides to get a deeper understanding of the logic behind the APIs, or the Reference for a quick list of commands, parameters, and responses.

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ID Match and Retrieval API

  • Match raw or hashed PII to RampIDs
  • Use RampIDs to identify duplicate PII records

API Reference

Envelope Decryption API

Decrypt identity envelopes to extract identifier data

API Reference

Transcoding API

  • Transcode your RampIDs to a partner's encoding
  • Transcode a partner's RampIDs to your encoding

API Reference