The API supports the translation of RampIDs from your encoding to a partner's, or from a partner's encoding to your encoding.

Calls to translate RampIDs can be made as a single transaction call (for a single RampID) or as a batch request call (to transcode up to 1,000 RampIDs per call).

Making a batch request call involves making a POST call to and passing in a JSON array of URL strings constructed in the same way as a single transaction call. To translate RampIDs from your encoding to a partner's encoding, you include that partner's encoding value as a key parameter in the query string. You can pass in up to 1000 URL strings in a single batch call.

See The RampID Transcoding Endpoint and the sections below for more information.


Every RampID has a specific encoding to ensure the security and privacy of our partner's data. Due to the sensitive nature of RampIDs, there are certain privacy restrictions that must be validated before translation access is provided. To enable this feature, contact your LiveRamp representative.