Use the Lookup endpoint to match hashed PII data to a RampID.

The Lookup endpoint can be used to perform exact matching on hashed PII strings (including email addresses). Unlike the Match endpoint, the Lookup Endpoint provides only a single RampID for a given combination of touchpoints.

If there is a maintained record associated with the input string or ID, the maintained RampID is returned. If a maintained record is not associated with the input string or ID, a derived RampID is returned.

All calls to the Lookup endpoint must be structured as batch request calls. You can pass in up to 1000 URL strings in a single batch call.

For more information on how matching works, see The Lookup Endpoint.

Lookup Type Parameter and Lookup Value

The lookup_type parameter is used to specify the type of input data included in the API call.

The key parameter specifies the hashed input data lookup value for the call depending on the lookup_type parameter. The key parameter is required for all Lookup endpoint requests.

lookup_type ParameterRequired Lookup ValueSupported Input Data ValuesLookup Value Examples
md5MD5 hashed email addressesEmail9b7ee2211f2658e9889960d8557086eb
sha256SHA-256 hashed email addressesEmailee3d7fe2d416373c74a38f44d0404635dcc273d41a9b1391a991f
sha1SHA-1 hashed PII strings (including SHA1 hashed email addresses) Email
Name + Email
Name + Phone
* Name + ZipCode

Constructing Names

See the table below for information on the elements that can be included when constructing names.

Name ElementDescriptionExampleRequired?
First NameThe person's first name.Eduardo
Middle NameThe person's middle name or middle initial.Kyu
Last NameThe person's last name.Lopez
Generational SuffixThe person's generational name suffix.Jr

General Construction Rules

The rules listed below apply to all PII string types:

  • Strings must be UTF-8 encoded.
  • If a field is empty, it should be excluded from the string.
  • Separate fields with single spaces. Don't add additional spaces if you leave out a particular field.
  • Convert all fields to lowercase before hashing.
  • Phone number should be digits only with no special characters.
  • Hyphens are allowed except in phone numbers.
  • Remove all periods (.) from name and phone fields. Do not remove periods from email addresses.