Use the Match endpoint to match raw PII data to a RampID.

The Match endpoint accepts plaintext (raw) PII as input data and produces one or more RampID matches.

When you send plaintext PII to the Match endpoint, the matching process uses data normalization and fuzzy matching to attempt to match different combinations of personal data until a maintained RampID is found. The sequence in which the different combinations are tried is called a "match cascade". If a maintained RampID is not found after all match cascade steps are performed, a derived RampID is returned. For more information about match cascades, see The Match Endpoint.

The response also includes insights and metadata about how the match was obtained (that is, about which steps in the match cascade provided a RampID).

All calls to the Match endpoint must be structured as batch request calls. You can pass in up to 1000 URL strings in a single batch call.

Match Parameter Rules

The following list describes the general parameter rules.

  • Each URL string must start with /people/match?.
  • Match parameters must be included after the ? character in the URL string and formed as [parameter_name]=[parameter_value].
  • Separate multiple parameters using &.
  • All calls to the Match endpoint must contain one or more match parameters in each URL string.

Match Parameter Parsing Guidelines

  • Do not include the parsed name (for example, firstName, middleName, and lastName) AND the unparsed name ( name) in the same request.
  • Do not include the parsed street address (for example, primaryNumber, street) AND the unparsed street address (streetAddress) in the same request.

Match Parameter Validation

stateMust be the two-character uppercase state abbreviation.
zipCodeMust be 5, 9, or 11 digits.
emailMust contain an @ character and must contain a period (.) in the domain portion.
phoneMust be 10 digits with no special characters.
limitMust be an integer from 1 to 10. You can only specify an integer greater than 1 if you have the 1:1 permission. Please contact your LiveRamp account representative for details.

Match Parameter Combinations

Below are the most common input parameter combinations. Brackets ([ ]) around a parameter indicate the parameter is optional.

Input Parameter Combination
Name + Street + [City] + [State] + ZipCode
Name + Email
Name + Phone
Name + ZipCode