Use the API to decrypt identity envelopes.

The people endpoint allows you to decrypt identity envelopes into their underlying RampIDs.

Calls to decrypt identity envelopes can be made as a single transaction call (for a single envelope) or as a batch request call (to transcode up to 1,000 envelopes per call).


Single Transaction Calls

To make single transaction calls, you need additional permissions from your LiveRamp representative.

Making a batch request call involves making a POST call to "" and passing in a JSON array of URL strings constructed in the same way as a single transaction call. You can pass in up to 1000 URL strings in a single batch call.

The API returns status code 200 to indicate a successful execution. The resulting transcoded ISL is made available in the anonymousConsumerLink attribute in the anonymousAbilitec bundle.

Unsuccessful responses from the endpoint may return status codes of 400 (bad request), 404 (not found) or 500 (server error). See Errors and Troubleshooting section for details.

See The Identity Envelope Decryption Endpoint and the sections below for more information.