For calls to the Match Endpoint, the matchMetadata bundle returns information about the components that were used to obtain the match.

See the table below for information on the metadata elements returned.

Data ElementTypeDescriptionExample or Valid Values
matchComponentsarray of stringsComponents that contributed to the matchname|streetAddress|zipCode|businessName|phoneNumber|emailAddress
distinctMatchbooleanWhen distinctMatch equals true this flag indicates that a single highest score match was found. Note: The distinct match flag for person and place documents is only equal to true when there is only one distinct document id for a given match cascade step. For entity documents, the distinct match flag is only equal to true when there is only one unique person id for that entity.**true
matchConfidencestringIndicates the confidence in the match. Corresponds directly to the step in which it matched in the cascade (see matchComponents)
nameMatchIntegritystringIndicates whether part or all of the major name components were used to obtain the match• partial
• complete

**The distinctMatch flag is only valid on requests where limit is not set, or limit=1.


  "matchMetadata": {
      "matchComponents" : [ "name", "zipCode" ],
      "distinctMatch" : false,
      "matchConfidence" : "8",
      "nameMatchIntegrity" : "complete"