Learn how to use the ATS API endpoints to retrieve identity envelopes.

Calling the ATS API

The Envelope APIEnvelope API - Translates (hashed) identifiers into RampID’s and puts them inside a secure, encrypted identity envelope. and Refresh Envelope APIRefresh Envelope API - Allows clients to send envelopes, and if the user has not opted out, the Refresh Envelope API will return the same envelope with an extended expiration time. are both part of the same ATS API endpoint.

The API reference pages will help you generate the call to the respective endpoint for either creating a new envelope or refreshing an existing one.

Calling the Envelope API

Call the Envelope API with (hashed) identifiers to obtain an Identity EnvelopeIdentity Envelope - Secure, encrypted LiveRamp identity envelopes that contain a RampID. Envelopes can only be decrypted by vendors having a Sidecar application running on their server..

Calling the Refresh Envelope API

To be GDPR and CCPA compliant, envelopes are generated with a TTL ("Time to Live" / expiration time).

To avoid passing expired envelopes that cannot be decrypted by SidecarSidecar - The LiveRamp Sidecar enables RampIDs (previously known as IdentityLinks or IDLs) and other people-based IDs in real-time bidding (RTB) bid requests for Supply-Side Platforms (SSPs). The Sidecar allows an SSP to decode the identity envelopes LiveRamp has provided into Demand-Side Platform-specific RampIDs and other people-based identifiers that can be utilized for identification purposes of the underlying browser in RTB bid requests. or other APIs, we recommend calling the Refresh Envelope API to reset the envelope expiration time to the maximum allowed value.


Refreshing envelopes is an important step to keep the match rate as high as possible for your users.