Data You Can Send with the Retrieval API

Learn about the data you can send and retrieve in a Retrieval API call.

The table below lists the types of input data you can include when you use the RampID API.

Input DataEndpointData ReturnedNotes
Plaintext PIIMatch
  • Maintained RampIDs

  • Derived RampIDs

  • Match Metadata
  • Uses match cascade.

  • Can include associative data and location data to improve matching.

  • Names, street addresses, and phone numbers can either be sent parsed (broken down into their individual components) or unparsed, but not both in the same call.
SHA-1-hashed PII strings (including hashed email addresses or hashed phone numbers)LookupMaintained RampIDs
MD5-hashed email addressesLookupMaintained RampIDs
SHA-256-hashed email addressesLookupMaintained RampIDs
Identity envelopesIdentity Envelope Decryption ](doc:the-lookup-endpoint-1)
  • Maintained RampIDs

  • Derived RampIDs
  • Maintained RampIDs

  • Derived RampIDs