emailInsights Bundle

For calls to the Match Endpoint that include an email address, the emailInsights bundle returns information on when the email was last verified as active through LiveRamp's match network.

The emailInsights bundle is not returned for calls to the Match endpoint that do not contain an email address.


  "person": {
    "anonymousAbilitec": {
      "anonymousConsumerLink": "XYT0017PNOohstUb2z9jZHY4v5ef_i-DOGbBv-GzZL-ecBKZ4"
    "contactFlags" : {
      "isBestEmailTouchpoint" : true,
      "isBestPhoneTouchpoint" : true
    "emailInsights" : {
      "isClickVerified" : true,
      "clickVerifyDate" : "2021-01-07T17:33:01+0000"