The Basics

Learn about the AbiliTec API.

The AbiliTec API is a secure real-time interface that allows you to perform known-to-known identity resolution using AbiliTec, the LiveRamp industry-leading offline identity-matching service.

When you use the AbiliTec API to send personally identifiable information (PII) for a consumer or place, AbiliTec attempts to match that data to existing records in the AbiliTec Identity Graph. The AbiliTec API responds with the AbiliTec identifiers for each matched record, as well as other information about the match such as how the match was performed.

Because AbiliTec resolves PII data across enterprise databases and systems, AbiliTec provides platforms and marketers the ability to update consumer records and deliver an improved customer experience within the guidelines of current privacy laws.

The PII input data that you send can be plaintext or hashed.

If you're sending plaintext PII data, use the Match endpoint. If you're sending hashed PII strings (including hashed email addresses), use the Lookup endpoint.

The responses are organized into response documents. For more information, see About Response Documents.

Response data is organized into response data bundles within each response document. For more information, see About Data Bundles.

AbiliTec API calls can be made as single transaction calls for an individual record or batch request calls for multiple records. See Single Transaction and Batch Request Calls for more information.

Response data is returned in JSON.

The AbiliTec API follows standard REST conventions and is secured using OAuth2.