The Lookup endpoint can be used to perform exact matching on hashed PII strings (including email addresses).

Using hashed PII strings allows API requests without requiring raw (plaintext) PII to be passed as input to the request.

The following SHA1-hashed PII strings are supported:

  • Email: MD5 hashed, SHA256 hashed, or SHA1 hashed
  • Phone: SHA-1 hashed
  • Name + Email: SHA-1 hashed
  • Name + PhoneNumber: SHA-1 hashed
  • Name + ZipCode: SHA-1 hashed

Calls to the Lookup endpoint can be made as single transaction calls for an individual record or batch request calls for multiple records. When possible, batching your requests into groups of 1000 will result in much better performance for your application. Because batch request calls are subject to higher rate limits, batch request calls are also less likely to be throttled.

Making a batch request call involves making a POST call to and passing in a JSON array of URL strings constructed in the same way as a single transaction call to the Lookup endpoint. You can pass in up to 1000 URL strings in a single batch call.

Data normalization or fuzzy matching is not used on any input data.

If a maintained AbiliTec link is not associated with the input data, the endpoint returns a derived AbiliTec link.

See The Lookup Endpoint for more information