Match Parameter Rules

The following list describes the general parameter rules.

  • All calls to the Match endpoint must contain one or more match parameters.
  • Match parameters must be included after the ? character in the URL request and formed as [parameter_name]=[parameter_value].
  • Separate multiple parameters using &.

Match Parameter Parsing Guidelines

  • Do not include the parsed name (for example, firstName, middleName, and lastName) AND the unparsed name ( name) in the same request.
  • Do not include the parsed street address (for example, primaryNumber, street) AND the unparsed street address (streetAddress) in the same request.

Match Parameter Validation

stateMust be a two-character state abbreviation
zipCodeMust be 5, 9, or 11 digits
emailMust contain an @ character and must contain a period (".") in the domain portion
phoneMust be 10 digits
limitMust be an integer from 1 to 10

Match Parameter Combinations

Below are the most common input parameter combinations. Brackets ("[ ]") around a parameter indicate the parameter is optional.

Input Parameter Combination
Name + Street + [City] + [State] + ZipCode
Name + Email
Name + Phone
Name + ZipCode