Error Documents

An error document is returned when the API encounters an error. If the batch call itself is correct but records in the batch return an error, the call itself reads as 200 OK. The error codes appear for the relevant records in the batch. Note that error documents are not returned if the call is successful and there are no errors associated with records.


  "error": {
    "message": "The service received an invalid zipCode: 94107f",
    "code": "600-0043",
    "requestId": "123456789987654321"

Opted-out Users

Note that opted-out representations will be omitted from group document responses.

If a record is associated with an opted-out user, the response is error code 600-0117 with message Opted-out entity:

		"code": 404,
		"document": {
			"error": {
            "message": "Opted-out entity",
            "code": "600-0117",
            "requestId": "123456789987654321"

Error Code References

The application-level error code is comprised of a 3 digit application prefix and a 4 digit application error code.

Gateway error codes are prefaced with '000-'.

Error CodeDescriptionHTTP Status
600-0000Unhandled Error (System/OS Error)400
600-0010Internal Server Error400
600-0020Authorization Error403
600-0025Username, Tenant, and Role Not Authorized403
600-0030Document Not Found404
600-0031Invalid Document Id400
600-0032Invalid Document Class400
600-0033Unknown path (check documentation)400
600-0040Missing Parameter400
600-0041Invalid Data Type400
600-0042Invalid Content Type400
600-0043Invalid Request Value400
600-0044AbiliTec Link Error400
600-0045Invalid Request Parameter400
600-0050Conflicting Values for Parameter and Header400
600-0060Batch Request Limit Exceeded400
600-0070Generic Backend Service Error400
600-0080Generic Backend Service Error400
600-0095Generic Backend Service Error400
600-0100Generic Backend Service Error400
600-0117Opted-out Entity404
600-0052Method Not Allowed405


Cloudflare Error Codes

All client requests are routed through Cloudflare for additional security. This means you might receive an error code from Cloudflare itself in some scenarios, such as when calls are made from an IP address that is not allowlisted. These error codes are described here: