Single Transaction and Batch Request Calls

The AbiliTec API is an access layer on top of the AbiliTec Identity Graph. When a client submits information to the API, the API attempts to match that information to the data in the AbiliTec Identity Graph and returns a corresponding response that includes AbiliTec IDs.

AbiliTec API calls can be made as single transaction calls for an individual record or batch request calls for multiple records. Both the Match endpoint and the Lookup endpoint accept both single transaction calls and batch request calls.

Single Transaction Calls

Make a single transaction call to get data for an individual person, place, household, or entity. For example, make a single transaction call to get an individual record in a point of sale transaction.


Rate Limits for Single Transaction Calls

Single transaction calls are subject to a rate limit of 10,000 records per minute.

Batch Request Calls

If your application needs the ability to access significant amounts of data for multiple records and large files, the AbiliTec API also supports batch request calls. Make a batch request call to send a maximum of 1,000 individual requests within a single call. Once all requests have been resolved, a consolidated response is passed back to you.


Rate Limits for Batch Request Calls

Batch request calls are subject to a rate limit of 360 calls per minute (100-1000 records per call), 36,000-360,000 records/minute.

This can be done by making a POST call to the appropriate batch request endpoint that includes a JSON array of single call URL strings.

Batch requests return batch documents.


Important performance note

When possible, batching your requests into groups of 1000 and calling the appropriate batch request endpoint will result in much better performance for your application.

Because batch request calls are subject to higher rate limits, batch request calls are also less likely to be throttled.