The Lookup Endpoint

Use the Lookup endpoint when you don't want to send plaintext PII.

Use the Lookup endpoint when you don’t want to send raw PII in your API call. The Lookup endpoint allows you to retrieve an exact match to a single hashed PII touchpoint.

You can use the Lookup endpoint to send MD5-hashed email addresses, SHA256-hashed email addresses. SHA1-hashed email addresses, or SHA1-hashed PII strings.

If there is a maintained record associated with the input string or ID, the maintained AbiliTec ID is returned.

If a maintained record is not associated with the input string or ID, a derived AbiliTec Link is not returned and a “document not found” message is displayed for the AbiliTec Link parameter.

Sending Hashed PII Strings

In addition to hashed email addresses, the Lookup endpoint accepts SHA1-hashed PII strings as input. The following SHA1-hashed PII strings are supported:

  • Email
  • Phone
  • Name + Email
  • Name + PhoneNumber
  • Name + ZipCode

Calls to the Lookup endpoint using a SHA1-hashed PII string as input only return a document if the hashed string has an exact match against a maintained record in the Identity Graph. The Lookup endpoint does not perform any approximate or fuzzy string matching. While all fields in the construction of a hashed PII string are optional, the presence or absence of fields may affect the results returned.


Allowed Hash Types

If you're sending just email addresses as input, you can use SHA1, MD5, or SHA256 hashing.

If you're sending any PII other than email addresses, you must use SHA1 hashing.

Set the "lookup_type" parameter to the hash type used ("sha1", "md5", or "sha256").