A basic integration provides your customers with the ability to distribute one segment (list) to one destination per use.

To distribute a segment, customers perform the following actions:

  • Select a segment from their available segments

  • Select a destination from a list of available destinations

  • Enter required destination account properties such as device type or precision options


To keep the integration simple, your customers enter destination account properties each time they distribute a segment—even when distributing to a previous destination.


When your customer’s segment has been successfully delivered to the end destination platform, they’ll receive an email notification.

From a customer perspective, these actions occur at the same time even though there is short delay between uploading the file and when the file is available for distributed. The customer does not need to wait for the segment to be available to select the destination for distribution.

## Basic Integration Actions

The table below describes the basic integration actions that your customer performs, the application actions, and the Activation API endpoint if one is called.

Customer ActionApplication ActionActivation API Endpoint
Selects a segment/list to distribute using LiveRampEnsures that the file meets LiveRamp formatting requirements Uploads the file to LiveRamp’s SFTP server with the customer-specific credentialsNone None
Selects a desired destinationDisplays the fields the customer needs to enter (client seat, distribution name, etc.) to activate the destination account by utilizing the JSON template for that destinationNone
Enters destination account propertiesCalls the API with the required template information Calls the API to confirm that the segment has been processed and is available for distribution (usually within 24 hours of upload) Calls the API to add the segment to the distribution for that destination accountActivate New Destination Account Segment Lookup Add Segments to a Destination Account

### Destination platform authorization

For security reasons, some destination platforms require customer authorization using OAuth before distributions can be made to the destination platform. If your application enables distributions to a platform that requires OAuth authorization, see [OAuth Configuration](🔗).