The Activation API returns information about segments that have been uploaded to LiveRamp.

Activation API EndpointDescription
[View Segments](🔗)Determine whether a segment is available for distribution Used to check that the segment uploaded to the LiveRamp SFTP server has been processed and to get the segment ID when the field name and value name for the segment is sent.
[List All Segments](🔗)Display a list of all LiveRamp-enabled segments Used to get a list of all segments that have been processed in that particular account within LiveRamp, including the segment ID, field name, and value name.
[Segment Detail](🔗)Display segment details Used to get the field name and value name for the segment when the segment ID is sent.

About uploading segments

You can upload segments to the LiveRamp SFTP server without an API call. For more information, see [Getting Your Data Into LiveRamp](🔗).

## Confirm your customer’s segment has been processed

Use the Segment Lookup call to determine whether the file has been processed. If the file has been processed, the call returns a segment ID which is used when distributing that segment to a particular destination account.

For the `field_name` parameter, use the column heading from row O (the segment name) exactly as it appears in the file. For the `value_name` parameter, enter `1`.

## Updated segments

If your customer updates the data for an existing segment, a new file with the updated data should be uploaded to our SFTP server. The column heading in Column O in the new file must match the column heading in Column O in the original file so that the identifiers correctly fall under the right segment. If the column heading in Column O is different from the original file, the new file will create a new segment.