The Basics

Learn about the Activation API.

The LiveRamp Activation API enables customers who use your application to distribute PII-based and device-based segment data to popular marketing platforms. Segment distribution can be accomplished entirely through your application UI. This allows you to leverage the LiveRamp Identity Graph and partnership network of more than 500 Ad Tech platforms. The Activation API streamlines the process of segment distribution by eliminating the time and resources required to build and maintain integrations.

When your customer selects a consumer data segment in your application UI to distribute to a platform, LiveRamp anonymizes the data, matches the anonymized data to the platform's devices, and then delivers the resulting devices to the platform.

Integration Levels

You can set up the integration between your application and the Activation API to provide basic integration where a customer can distribute one segment to one destination platform at a time. You can also choose to provide advanced integration where a customer can distribute multiple segments to multiple destinations.


About versions

As of v2.0, the API is named the Activation API. In previous versions of the API, the name is Distribution API.