These docs are for v2.0. Click to read the latest docs for v2.9.0.

About the Activation API Authentication

Learn what's required to use the Activation API.

To build an integration using the Activation API, contact your LiveRamp representative to review the destination platforms you want to make available for your customers.

When the necessary agreements are in place, your LiveRamp Representative will provide you with your Service Account (API key) and SFTP server credentials. You can use them to test API calls. Each customer also needs a Service Account (API key) to use your application.

Request an API key for your customer

Each customer will need their own specific Service Account (API key) so that the API calls you make on their behalf access the correct information. Contact your LiveRamp representative to request a customer API key.

Get your data into LiveRamp

Before you can start using the Activation API, you will need to set up one of the methods for getting your data into LiveRamp. This document outlines your options and goes into detail about how to setup each of them.