ATS Direct (Beta)

Learn how to use the ATS Direct API endpoints to retrieve segments

ATS Direct enables direct media buys on RampID-enriched, authenticated inventory delivering greater advertiser demand and improved monetization capabilities. It provides means of facilitating safe transfer of segment data enabling marketers who are using LiveRamp Connect to activate their data in direct deals with publishers using ATS.

In Console, publishers are required to create an appliance which is represented as a destination under “ATS Direct” in LiveRamp Connect. Marketers can then select the publisher destination to transfer their segments as RampId’s.

The ATS Direct appliance has a CORS enabled public endpoint that can be used to retrieve matching segments for any given envelope.


ATS Direct is currently in Beta and is only available to selected publishers.


To be able to call the ATS Direct API, you must have done the following:

  1. Created a New Appliance Configuration
  2. Deployed the ATS Direct Stack

Obtain the Instance ID

Before calling the ATS Direct endpoint, you must obtain the Instance ID from Console. To find the Instance ID:

  1. Log in to Console.
  2. Go to ATS > Deals.
  3. Open the appliance you want to work with.
  4. Select the Settings tab and copy the value in the Instance ID field.

Retrieve Segments Using an ATS Envelope

Call the ATS Direct endpoint below:

Query Parameters

Parameter NameTypeDescriptionExample Value
envelopestringThe envelope's value.AnQi9GfiLqCxnDaDzvVpHCeUCs8m4ESQXqNoV5scCJpscceHKbXfgFXyNjT7yUMps-l4pJo1POe-AyrGyt8BzGG35l7l6S3SR-1EDg9qwi7VwT6hAVPgtDiKOQHmhGAcL9xa
placementIdstringYour placement ID.3125

Request Example

Provided you have submitted a well-formed query to the ATS Direct API, you should receive a "successful" response containing an array of matching segment IDs as follows:

    "segments": ["segment-1", "segment-2]


Status CodeResponse
200Returns array of matching segment IDs or an empty array if there are no matching segments.
400Bad request