Implementation Methods

Learn how you can integrate ATS into your inventory.

In this page you will learn about the different methods of ATS implementation to learn which one best suits your needs. Each implementation method has their own documentation portal to make sure all users with different technical skills can easily find what they're looking for.
The documentation in this portal describes important information about the ATS API and SDK implementation. If you want to learn how to implement ATS.js, go to our main documentation.

JavaScript Implementation: ATS.js

The ATS.js implementation provides addressable inventory without dependence on third-party cookies on any website, and it is optimized to plug into the open-source Prebid.js. When using the Javascript implementation (ATS.js) you do not need to worry about the rules and conditions - our library will handle the detection and obtaining of the identity envelopes in accordance with local privacy regulations.

The LiveRamp Publisher Console provides an easy-to-use interface for ATS.js configurations. This allows you to modify your configuration from the Console UI, instead of having to edit the Javascript directly.


ATS.js configuration in Console

When you choose to implement ATS.js in Console, you get to enjoy the following benefits:

  • Easily integrate your implementation with other LiveRamp publisher products all in one interface.
  • Minimize error by setting up ATS.js in a streamlined flow.
  • Invite other users in your company to maintain or create ATS.js configurations and manage their permissions.
  • Better compliance, as ATS.js won't be loaded outside of the geographical restrictions you specify.
  • And many more...


Implementation Support for Publishers

We provide support to guide you through the ATS implementation!

Reach out to [email protected] for 1:1 support.

Learn how to set up ATS.js here.

API Implementation: ATS API

If you integrate ATS into properties outside the web or you need to limit added Javascript on your web, you may prefer to call the ATS API directly. Direct interaction will let you cut down the weight of the page and potentially make fewer client-side network requests, but does add to the implementation complexity.

To learn more about API implementation of ATS, see our quickstart guide.

Mobile Implementation: ATS SDK

LiveRamp ATS Mobile SDK provides all the tools you need to handle envelopes from Android and iOS devices more optimally without spending time on tedious codes. The SDK contains built-in functionalities to retrieve, refresh, and cache envelopes while ensuring that user consent is being respected.

You can find the both the Android and iOS ATS SDK guides in this portal.