About the Android ATS Mobile SDK

LiveRamp Android ATS Mobile SDK provides all the tools you need to handle envelopes from Android devices more optimally without spending time on tedious codes. The SDK contains built-in functionalities to retrieve, refresh, and cache envelopes while ensuring that user consent is being respected.
On Android platform, SDK is implemented as LRAtsManager.aar, which makes it compatible with applications written in Java and Kotlin programming languages.


Please note this product is currently in beta, and several updates and improvements are expected in the coming weeks.


ATS Mobile SDK is currently only available for Android API 21 (Lollipop) and above.

Before You Begin

ATS Mobile SDK implementation requires a configuration to be made Console. To initialize the Android SDK, you must first generate a Config ID like below.


See our Console documentation on Implementing ATS Mobile SDK to learn more.

What’s Next

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