Learn how to set up access for your customer.

Request a LiveRamp Service Account (API key)

Contact your LiveRamp Service Account representative for a LiveRamp service account (API Key). You will receive a JSON file that includes those credentials via LastPass. If you need a LiveRamp Service Account, please reach out to your account manager. Each LiveRamp customer will need a Service Account to authenticate with the Activation API

Enable SFTP server access for your customer

Your customers will upload their data to LiveRamp within your application UI using SFTP. To generate the SFTP credentials for your customer, use LiveRamp Connect to create a reseller client account on their behalf.

For information about adding a reseller client account, see Reseller Onboarding. Be sure to enter a customer email address in the Email SFTP credentials to field. When your customer uploads files from within your application UI, they must enter the SFTP credentials they received by email.