The Activation API requires an access token for you and your customers.

1. Request an Account ID and a Secret key from LiveRamp.

You need your account credentials to obtain an access token. Contact your LiveRamp Service Account representative for your username (Account ID) and your password (Secret Key). You should receive a JSON file that includes those credentialsa. If you need a LiveRamp Service Account, please reach out to your account manager.

2. Submit a request for an API access token.

An example request for a v2 LiveRamp service account is shown below.

curl \
  -d grant_type=password \
  -d username="$ACCOUNT_ID" \
  -d password="$SECRET_KEY" \
  -d scope=openid \
  -d client_id="liveramp-api" \
  -d response_type=token

Your access token request includes the following variables:

usernameThe Account ID from your service account.
passwordThe Secret Key from your service account.

If the access token request is valid and authorized, the token server issues the access token:

{ "access_token":"<access token>","token_type":"Bearer","expires_in":600 }

Use the access_token from the response to authorize API calls.
Authorization: Bearer ${access_token}


About access token expiration

Access tokens expire quickly. See the expires_in value for the time limit. The example above shows 10 minutes (600 seconds). To ensure that calls to API endpoints are successful, your code should fetch a new token if you receive a 403 status code for token expiration.

Tokens should be shared for all calls within a thread but not refreshed for each call.