Configuring Prebid for ATS

ats.js provides addressable inventory without dependence on third-party cookies on any website, but it is optimized to plug into the open-source prebid.js.

To set up prebid.js with ats.js, we recommend that you visit and:

  • Select the latest version of prebid.js core.
  • Include IDL-compatible adapters (see below).
  • Include the User ID and RampID (or IDL) ID modules. We also recommend you include US Privacy, GDPR and PubCommon ID modules for the best possible performance.


IdentityLink and IDL are now RampID

As of May 24, 2021, the name for LiveRamp's pseudonymous identifier (formerly known as "IdentityLink" or "IDL") is now "RampID." While we transition to this new name over the coming months, you might continue to see the previous names in help documentation text and images, and in some product names. See this announcement for more information.


RampID-compatible Prebid Adapters

OpenX ✅
Rubicon Project ✅
Pubmatic ✅
Huddled Masses ✅
Triplelift ✅

Once you have your properly-configured new prebid.js file downloaded, make sure you update your call to pbjs.setConfig to pass the required information to the RampID user ID module:

    userSync: {
        userIds: [{
            name: 'identityLink',
            params: {
                pid: '9999' // Set your real identityLink placement ID here 
            storage: {
                type: 'cookie',
                name: 'idl_env',
                expires: 1
        syncDelay: 5000

For privacy reasons, IDL envelopes expire every 30 days, so it's recommended to set a relatively short expiration date within prebid.

Obtaining Envelopes from Prebid

If an envelope has already been resolved within prebid (either via ATS or a call to the third-party cookie endpoint), you can read it from configured storage by calling:


This will return the envelope value, which can then be decoded by SSPs running the IDL SIdecar.