ATS Mobile SDK Events

Learn more about the events exposed by the ATS Mobile SDK that you can leverage in your own application.


Add a delegate to catch events triggered by the SDK. Events listeners allow you to react to different event of interests and error events.



Removes the delegate.



ATS Mobile SDK events are defined with an LREvent enum.

Event NameDescriptionCallback Result
LOADINGFired when AtsManager starts initialization process.LREvent.LOADING
READYFired when AtsManager is fully initialized.LREvent.READY
DISABLEDFired when ATSManager is disabled.LREvent.DISABLED
RESETFired after SDK reset is complete.LREvent.RESET
SHOULD_SYNCHRONIZEFired when the automatic sync is disabled and bloom filters need to be synchronized with the backend.LREvent.SHOULD_SYNCHRONIZE
SYNC_FULLFired when bloom filters synchronization is completed.LREvent.SYNC_FULL
SYNC_PARTIALFired when the bloom filters synchronization is partially completed.LREvent.SYNC_PARTIAL
SYNC_ERRORFired when an error has occurred during the bloom filters synchronization.LREvent.SYNC_ERROR


partialThis status is returned when the Bloom filters could only be partially downloaded.
fullThis status is returned when all the Bloom filters are fully downloaded.
errorThis status is returned if, for some reason, synchronization of the Bloom filters has failed (sdkNotReady, noInternet, etc.).


partialThis status is returned if filtering is only done partially with all the Bloom filters. This can happen if at that moment all filters are not yet downloaded.
fullThis status is returned if filtering is fully done on all bloom filters.
offlineThis status is returned if there is no internet connection.
errorThis status is returned if the ATS SDK is not in a ready state when Deal IDs are requested, or if no bloom filters are downloaded.

What’s Next

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