The SDK error states are defined with LRError enum. SDK returns the standard Error types. To get more information, you can cast the error to LRError.

notInitializedThe SDK is not initialized.
missingAppIdThe App ID is either empty or expired. You must verify that you provided appID and your subscription for the ATS SDK is still active.
fetchingConfigurationFailedThe fetching of LRAtsConfiguration for the given appID has failed.
noConsentThere is no consent from the user.
atsDisabledInCountryThe country is not listed in atsEnabledCountries in LRAtsConfiguration.
sdkIsNotReadySDK status is not ready.
sdkIsDisabledSDK is disabled.


Status of the SDK is defined with LRStatus enum.

notInitializedThe SDK is not initialized.
loadingThe SDK is in the process of initialization.
readyThe SDK is initialized and ready to use.
disabledThe SDK is disabled.
errorThe SDK is in an error state.