​​LRAts.sdkVersion​​ is a property used for checking which version of the SDK you are currently running.


LRAtsSDK.shared is a singleton instance that contains references to the public API.



The property used to subscribe/unsubscribe to LREvent and for dispatching events and errors.


This property will be used for countries that are not found in any geo-targeting legislation configured in Console. If set to true, SDK will proceed even if there is no legislation.

The default value is false.


This property is used to control the status of the SDK. When set to ​true​​, the SDK becomes disabled. As a result, the APIs will not function and API calls will not be possible. Setting the property to ​false​ changes the SDK status to ​notInitialized​​ and re-initialization is required before API calls can be made again.

The default value is false.


This property provides information about the SDK status which value is a type of LRStatus.

The default value is notInitialized.