Learn how to match data to RampIDs.

The Retrieval API allows you to resolve your data to individuals. To resolve raw PII data, you use the Match endpoint and to resolve hashed PII data, you use the Lookup endpoint.

Rate limits

API calls are made using batch requests, which allow you to send up to 360 calls per minute and 100-1000 records per call. The best practice is to batch the full 1000 records for as many calls as possible.

The Process

  1. Request an access token.

  2. Send your PII-based consumer data such as name, address, phone number, or email address to a RampID API Match or Lookup endpoint.

  3. The API processes the request and then returns the applicable RampIDs along with any requested associated metadata.

    • If a matching set of touchpoints is found in the LiveRamp Identity Graph, the API returns a maintained RampID. The Match endpoint may return multiple matches, but the Lookup matchpoint returns only a single RampID.

    • If a matching touchpoint isn't found, the API returns a derived RampID for each PII touchpoint.

    For more information about maintained and derived RampIDs, see RampIDs.